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Our WEIGHT training gym will get you STRONGER than ever while building muscle and BURNING FAT


Our small groups are the best way to begin a fitness journey, don't try do it alone 

"9/10 people never reach their fitness goals"
Here are 3 reasons why


THE BIGGEST Mistake when starting out 

Most people try the free way first, Youtube, Google and Instagram trying to find “fat-burning” workouts.

But they don't know the proper techniques only experienced trainers can teach


THE BIGGEST PROBLEM with "personal training"

Personal training is so expensive.
Imagine if you could train with a PT every day for less than 1 standard PT session in Melbourne 🤷‍♂️ 


THE BIGGEST PROBLEM with "group fitness"

Most gyms will cram as many people into 1 group to maximise profit, you might as well be training yourself. 

Our PT groups are maxed at 6.

Never lifted a weight before? Our gym is perfect for you to learn

how we get results

"our proven SYSTEM"

1 Never train alone

"At our gym, you'll find more than just weights and machines - you'll discover a supportive community of like-minded individuals dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself.

We don't worship heroes or celebrate egos - we believe in cultivating an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

2 Consistency

We understand that consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals.

That's why we offer 3-4 personal training sessions per week, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our training app tracks your progress and ensures that you're always pushing yourself with progressive overload.

But we don't stop there - we also check in with you weekly to ensure that you're attending enough sessions, enjoying your training, and addressing any lifestyle factors that might be hindering your progress.

We believe that accountability is crucial to success, which is why we have consequences in place for those who don't check in

3 Affordability

Get the results you deserve without breaking the bank.

At our gym, we believe that personal training should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer unlimited personal training for less than the cost of one PT session per week.

Imagine having a personal trainer every time you train, without having to pay $500 per week.

With our affordable rates, you can finally achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your budget.

Join us today and let's show you that getting fit and healthy doesn't have to come at a high cost."

SEFS coaches are qualified "10 years experience" trusted by professional athletes, and have helped 377 people just like you lose 5% body fat

 We have a deeper level of knowledge to get you faster results

Stay on track with our app

One of the most important thing you can do is track your progress, I don't mean body weight and photos, I'm talking about tracking the weights and reps you achieve each week. 

In order for the body to change you must improve over time, more reps or more weight

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